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Financial Services Group

Lucescu Realty's Financial Services Group (FSG) was formulated to assist our client's in their "real time", comprehensive assessment evaluation of their performing, under-performing and non-performing commercial real estate assets; essentially re-underwriting an asset based on current market conditions. FSG's evaluation will provide the most insightful and timely information to our clients that will allow them to make the most informed decisions for these assets. Assets could be loans, individual properties and portfolios of properties.

FSG is comprised of the financial underwriting, packaging and market research groups that currently serve Lucescu Realty's investment real estate brokerage services. The financial underwriting group performs all the lease review, expense auditing and financial modeling. The packaging group assembles all of the property information, prepares the graphics and marketing collateral materials and ensures that all the specific requirements of the engagement are met. The market research group attains real-time market data, including leasing and sales comparable information, conditions of markets and submarkets, demographic information, property photo's and all other due diligence research of the asset.

FSG's evaluation services are primarily used by;

  • Lenders
  • Special Servicers
  • Receivers
  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Institutions
or others who may not have the resources to perform the asset valuation and market research analytics internally or may want to outsource these functions to groups who specialize in these valuations.